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If you need a short run or a super fast turnaround then digital printing is what you are looking for. The Wimbledon Print Company offers a comprehensive range of on demand digital printing services.


Digital Printing Vs Litho Printing


Digital printing uses electronic files to lay down toner or ink onto the sheet. Unlike litho printing, no printing plates are required and there is less waste of chemicals and paper because no ‘make-ready’ is required, meaning it is cheaper for shorter runs. Litho printing is a much older method of printing, an electronic image is transferred onto a set of printing ‘plates’ these printing plates are usually made up of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK), although additional ‘spot colours’ can also be applied. These plates transfer the ink onto the sheet and combine together to create a full colour print. Single colour or two colour jobs can also be produced if fewer colours are required which reduces the ‘make ready’ time and cost.


At the outset of digital printing the quality was not comparable to that of traditional litho printing, however, over the years the gap has closed significantly and digital print now offers a level of quality comparable to that of litho printing.


Advantages of Digital Printing:

• More cost effective for short runs (1-1000 depending on size)

• Faster turnaround for time critical jobs

• ‘Variable Data’ personalisation possible


Advantages of Litho Printing:

• More cost effective for longer runs (1000+ depending on size)

• The output is more durable

• Solids and gradients will generally reproduce better

• Thicker materials can be printed with litho printing

Examples of products that we print

Digital & Litho Printing